Summer with Novi Most is a special time of year – we provide an intensive youth work programme supported by teams of international volunteers. Our summer programme runs for 60 days, in 4 locations in 3 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout July and August.

To make our summer programme possible, we are looking for the following:

This money would go towards the day-to-day running of our youth centres, the resources needed for our week-long festival in Mostar which will unite our youth centres from both sides of the city, a community clean-up project in Capljina, day trips which allow young people to experience new places and delight in areas of natural beauty in their own country, and summer camps: where young people have the chance to hear about Jesus’ love and hope for them.

If you aren’t in a position to donate directly to our work, could you undertake a sponsored 60 day challenge to raise funds for our summer programme? For example:

  • giving up chocolate, sweets or crisps for 60 days
  • giving up tv, films or facebook for 60 days
  • doing 60 squats / press-ups / sit-ups / star-jumps a day for 60 days
  • becoming vegetarian for 60 days, etc. etc.

If you are inspired, please register your sponsored challenge on and chose Novi Most as your justgiving sponsored cause.

If you don’t feel able to commit to a 60 day challenge but would still like to support our summer programme, please donate any amount in the box below: