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Big Bonkers Bike Ride for Bosnia and Herzegovina


Set yourselves a target of how much you think you can raise to support our work with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and use ideas from the list below to get closer to your target. 

Do remember to get creative: unicycles, tricycles or tandems could put a great twist on some of these ideas.

Do remember to send us pictures, selfies, and short videos of your exploits!

Ideas for outdoor activities

Ride the full distance

We’re not saying this isn’t a huge challenge but for the dedicated cyclist 1500 miles over the next 12 months may not be too much to ask. Think of it as just over 100 miles a month. Depending how trusting your sponsors are you may have to think about how you prove you’ve done each regular ride, although before and after photos each time are probably going to do the trick.

Group bike rides

Organise a ride in your area for your group or church. Think about the group’s fitness and safety, we recommend finding some smooth bridleways or quiet country lanes as a large group of cyclists could upset sensitive drivers! Maybe take a picnic and really make a day of it together. Ask for donations and use it as a way of publicising other fundraising activity you’re doing.

Slow race

Racing doesn’t have to be about coming first. Organise a slow race who can be last to cross the line. The winning will be the person who can take the most amount of time to complete a short course without putting foot down or riding in circles. This is a great fun activity when space is limited. Prizes of a slow hand clap to the best effort!

Fancy dress ride

Organise a short course or relay ride and get people to come in fancy dress. Have prizes for the best costumes and make sure to take lots of photographs. You can plan your ride to happen in the relative privacy of some bridleways, or you can be brave an head into a more populated area. Remember to let passers-by know you are fund-raising for Novi Most.

Ideas for indoor activities

Ride the full distance

With an exercise bike whatever is possible outside on the roads is also possible from the comfort or your own home or local gym! You could ride 30 miles a week and in just under a year you will have conquered the 1500 mile total. Again, think about how you will provide evidence of your endeavour. You could always recruit a friend or two to help you reach your target distance.

A group marathon

Gather a group of exercise bikes and a group of riders into a hall and see how far you can go between you in a set amount of time. This could make for a great day of team bonding. Three or four bike should be able to record 500 miles between them in a day if everyone is taking turns. Remember to make sure all the riders take regular breaks and get plenty of refreshments.

Exercise bike in a meeting

Do you think your youth leader, vicar, pastor, elders or PCC might be willing to do some miles while your service or meeting is taking place? Get people to donate as they complete each mile or place a collecting bucket or tin by the challenger and their bike. Set them a target for the meeting. This would definitely be a memorable way to help people think about Novi Most.

Ideas for less-active activities

Wheel of fortune

Mount a bicycle wheel onto a backboard. Create a “winning line” on the backboard with paint, pens of sticky tape. Grab some electrical tape and a marker pen and number all the spokes. Get people to buy a spoke on a wheel for 50p. Spin the wheel and when it stops the buyer of the nearest spoke to the “winning line” gets a prize.

1500 pennies stall 

Make a large bicycle picture which can be filled in by attaching small coins week by week. You can download our bicycle icon to use as a template. Ask for 5ps and 10ps for the bicycle image and 1ps and 2ps to fill in the circle. If you can get the image printed or copied onto A0 sized paper you’ll easily have enough space for over a 1000 coins – trust us, we checked!

[media-downloader media_id=”2385″ texts=”Download Bike Icon – colour”]   [media-downloader media_id=”2384″ texts=”Download Bike Icon – outline”]

Human bike picture

Here’s one for the artists among you. Get your youth group or school friends to lie down or stand together to make a human outline of a bike. You’ll need to film or photograph this to prove it was successful. Perhaps do it as a head-to-head competition between two teams. And you don’t have to stop with bike pictures, you could have people try to spell out BiH or Novi Most too.

Re-cycle stall

Do you have an old bike, or bicycle parts or accessories you can sell to raise money towards your target? Gather the bits together and try selling them at a local car-boot sale or through an online marketplace. You can ask friends and family if they have any old bike bits in the shed they’d like to donate to your project. Never has re-cycling been a more appropriate phrase!


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