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Big Bonkers Bike Ride for Bosnia and Herzegovina


How do we register?

Head to the Register now page, fill in a few simple details on our online form and we’ll be in contact.

Why 1500 miles?

It’s about a 1500 mile bike ride from our UK office in Chesham to our Bosnia and Herzegovina office in Mostar. The challenge is about taking on this distance but in a more accessible way, while still learning more about Novi Most’s work in BiH.

How long do we have to complete the challenge?

The Big Bonkers Bike Ride project will run until 31st October 2018.

Who can do the challenge?

The challenge is for all ages. However, we do ask you to carefully consider the circumstances of individuals before they embark on a challenge. If you are involving children and young people in your group please be sure you have their parents permission before the participate in the challenge.

What type of challenge can we do?

If you need some inspiration as to creative ways you can complete the Big Bonkers Bike Ride challenge then head over to our Ideas Board.

How do we raise money from the challenge?

There are various ways that people will be raising money depending on the activity. The most straightforward is to have sponsors for a specific challenge or event. Giving people a target to raise with you is an incentive to give. Another straightforward way is to have collecting tins or buckets that can be put out while an activity is taking place. We can send you Novi Most labels for these. We have found that for some people putting a 50p or pound or even loose change in a box is easier for them.

Where does our money go?

We pay for six full time youth workers to lead our pioneering youth work in Bosnia and Herzegovina alongside international volunteers. As well as continuing to support this ongoing work we would like to increase our team and nurture new young leaders to expand this work in the future.

Can we Gift Aid our donations?

Specific gifts made directly to Novi Most from donors who pay tax can be Gift Aided. All the necessary details are on our website. (  The situation with fundraising from general sponsorship or collecting pots is a bit more complicated, so we recommend you don’t Gift Aid these donations. You can find out more about Gift Aid here. (

How do we inform you of our progress?

Once you have registered yourself, or your group, for the Big Bonkers Bike Ride challenge you we will send you a unique reference number. Include this number when you send in money you have raised and we will send you acknowledgements of your fundraising progress every time you pass a milestone on the Big Bonkers Bike Ride Roadmap.

Can we join with another group to do the challenge?

Yes you can, and we will happily put you in contact with another group who wants to do the same. Equally, if there is another church or group in your area that you can partner with directly to complete the challenge that’s brilliant.

Can someone come to our group to explain what it is all about?

We will be more than happy to come to your church to talk about Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Most, the Big Bonkers Bike Ride, or to chat with church or youth leaders about any of the activities and plans.

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