Youth group session

Big Bonkers Bike Ride for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why use the Big Bonkers Bike Ride Youth Group Session outline?

This session will give your youth group an ideal introduction Novi Most and its work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It looks at some of the life challenges for young people growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and invites the young people to compare them with the challenges they are facing in the UK.

The session will help your young people learn about the social and economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and understand why Novi Most needs support in its pioneering youth work. We hope the cycling themed questions and activities will inspire you and your young people to get involved in fundraising for Novi Most as part of the Big Bonkers Bike Ride.

The session provides the opportunity for your young people to reflect on their own life journey and the challenges they are facing as well as considering the challenges facing other young people in another country. The outline includes Bible verses for those who want to dig deeper into the topics covered.

Our PDF provides a ready-to-use outline of the session, included discussion questions and activity ideas. View the session outline here.

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