Meet Ema

Ema from Čapljina is twelve and a half years old and is in 7th grade at school.  She lives with her mum, dad and two older brothers who are aged 17 and 21.  She lives in the same building as Novi Most Čapljina workers Becca and Ivica Šimunović.  Ema has been coming to Centar Novi Most for about a year now – she first heard about Novi Most last summer when she saw us doing fun activities in the main square in Čapljina.  Since then she has been attending the detached youth work that goes on around town, like uni-hokej.  This summer is the first time she’s started coming into Centar.  She says “in Centar I really like playing table tennis and the English board games.  It’s been really fun being taught how to play table tennis  by Ivica.  He’s a really interesting and kinda crazy guy – he really knows how to have fun with us and knows how to help us too… I want to help people too when I grow up – I want to be a physiotherapist.”

Thinking about summer programme, Ema says: “Summer programme has been great – I especially loved the winter Olympics themed week and I really enjoyed the games we played with ice – they were so funny! It’s been really cool learning more about the Olympics and athletes this summer.  My new heros are the Jamaican bob sleigh team – its so inspiring what they did and how when things went wrong they got back up and carried on going!”