Meet Lejla

Lejla is one of our young volunteers who helps out a couple of times a week when we run Klub Novi Most. She is 15 years old and has been attending activities at Novi Most for 3 years. She has just started at high school and loves learning languages – she is currently studying English, French, German, Latin and Italian. She thinks that being involved with Novi Most has been invaluable for increasing her confidence with speaking languages and improving her English considerably. Her younger brother, Eldin, also attends Klub and has really enjoyed speaking English. Both of them have taken the opportunity to learn the guitar through Novi Most. Lejla says, “Eldin and I know that our lives would be so different without Novi Most.  It has been amazing for us to have the chance to gain skills that we would never normally have the chance to learn here. I have loved getting to know the international people who work for Novi Most because I have never travelled abroad – instead, the world has come to me through Novi Most. It’s so interesting to get to know different people and I love that they can teach us new things.”

Reflecting her new role as a volunteer at Klub, she says “It’s really exciting that I can be more involved at Klub.  I love being able to practice my English here and help out, especially behind the bar.  My favourite thing to make is hot chocolate for my friends.  It means so much to me that I have been given this responsibility – it’s really important to me as it’s like a work experience opportunity. It’s so hard to find a job in this country – maybe volunteering here will help me when I am old enough to start applying for jobs.”

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