Meet Marko

Marko*, 12, from Čapljina, has been coming to Centar Novi Most since January 2012 when he enrolled on an English course.  He then started coming along to the Saturday drop-in mornings and has been attending most activities at summer programme so far.  He says: “everything about Centar Novi Most is good, but my favourite activities are table-tennis and table-football.  It has been really good to have the opportunity to learn a new language – English is really interesting to me. I really hope I can continue learning this year!

Marko’s dream is to be a doctor one day – “I really want to help people” he says, and he thinks English will be useful in helping him achieve his dream.

Thinking about the opportunities that Centar Novi Most has provided him with, he says, “If I didn’t have Centar I’d still be hanging out with friends, but I wouldn’t have much to do.  I tell my friends to come along to Centar because it’s a really interesting place where you can meet new people and make lots of new friends.”

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*Not real name. Name changed on request.