Sabahudin Hajder

Sabahudin (or Budo as most people know him) lives in Jajce with his wife, Senka, their daughter Ella and son Dino. He works for Novi Most in Jajce and focusses a lot of his energy running music courses for young people there.  He is obsessed with drumming and plays drums for the Evangelical Church worship band here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but is also a talented guitarist and vocalist.  Budo is originally from Jajce, but got moved to Mostar in 2005 to join the Novi Most team there – he was our first local worker!  He has inspired many young people over the years to develop their confidence in the musical abilities, giving them increased hope for their future.
Would you be interested in sponsoring Budo for the amazing work he does with young people in Jajce for Novi Most?

Get to know Budo – watch this interview with him:

Sabahudin from Novi Most on Vimeo.