Meet our local workers

Having local workers on the Novi Most teams working in Bosnia and Herzegovina is more than an asset: it is crucial to our long term strategy to hand over our vision and purpose to Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each local plays an invaluable part in helping us to get alongside young people in the locations we work; they understand their issues; they share the same culture; and of course they speak the same language! Find out how you can get involved by sponsoring a local worker.

Beki Trbić

Beki is our Resource Development Co-ordinator and Operations Co-ordinator.  He works with young people across Bosnia and Herzegovina producing creative resources.  He was born and grew up in Sarajevo, where he now lives with his wife and two children. However, for ten years Beki has been living in a town called Sanski Most in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.  There he served as a pastor

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Mario Zovko

Mario is one of our youth workers – he spends most of his time in Klub Novi Most in Mostar, but it also helping run a computer course at our youth centre on the other side of town. Mario is married to Indira (Novi Most Mostar Team Leader) and together they have one daughter, Ema. When Mario has free time, he really enjoys walking

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Indira Zovko

Indira is the Novi Most Mostar team leader and bureaucratic superwoman! Any paperwork and official documentation that we need to complete to be a legal charity in this country, she has the knowledge and skill to navigate through the system here in BiH.

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Ivica Šimunović

Ivica started working for Novi Most as a volunteer back in 2006 when we were establishing our youth centre in Čapljina. We were so impressed with his skills and heart for young people in his town that we quickly gave him a job.

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Senada Puzić

Senada joined the Novi Most team in 2008 having successfully completed the Transformation Course, a Christian youth leaders course which Novi Most ran in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was working in Klub Novi Most in Mostar until July 2012, when she moved across to help run our new youth centre in West Mostar.

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Sabahudin Hajder

Sabahudin (or Budo as most people know him!) lives in Jajce with his wife, Senka, and their daughter Ella. He works for Klub Novi Most in Jajce and focusses a lot of his time and energy running music courses for young people there.

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