Our youth work activities

Friendship is at the core of our work with young people and social activities are a big part of the ongoing life and health of the work we do. Our international volunteers and local workers build friendships with the young people they work with. Through that they help young people build friendships with other young people they might not naturally mix with. We work with a broad age range – from 10 to 25. While some activities are specifically for certain age groups we are also encouraged by how well we see young people getting on with other older or younger than themselves. We also see a good mix of boys and girls taking part in what we do.

Novi Most team members are encouraged to share their skills and so our courses and creative activities vary in our different locations. In Mostar the team is helping students with their conversational English skills. In Čapljina we run computing courses and prepare students for Cambridge University ESOL English exams. Our Jajce team does a lot of pop and rock music teaching and baking courses, while our newest location in Sarajevo is providing art and photography courses. These courses and creative activities are creating a culture of possibility where young people are encouraged to try something new.

Summer camps are a big part of Novi Most’s history. In the years immediately after the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina we ran summer camps for hundreds of young people and their families on the Croatian coast, in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ECBiH). The running of those camps was passed over to ECBiH, who now own a camp site in the mountains between Mostar and Sarajevo. Novi Most team members play a big part in helping summer camps happen there. In 2015 Novi Most ran its first winter camp. Helping young people understand the winter sport possibilities in BiH is one way of helping young people appreciate what their country has to offer.