Being a bridge for young people

Novi Most means New Bridge in English. So how does our team act as a bridge for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

A bridge gets you somewhere that would otherwise be impossible.

The education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is outdated and presents few opportunities for creative expression, and when young people finish school they face the challenge of finding a job in a country with the highest level of youth unemployment in the world. Novi Most provides creative opportunities for young people to develop their skills. Many have discovered art, music or cooking talents they didn’t know they had. Young people who have been part of our work experience programme have a high chance of going on to gain full time employment.

A bridge connects things that would otherwise be separated.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has three Presidents, one for each of the three main ethnic groups. This separation is reflected in almost every aspect of society. Young people go to separate schools based on their ethnicity. The same is true of many sports teams and cultural groups. Novi Most provides a safe environment where young people from any ethnic background can meet and make friends. We provide inclusive social activities in the communities we work in and organise joint trips between our locations to help young people get a better picture of their country.

A bridge creates the opportunity for progress.

Many commentators say Bosnia and Herzegovina is stuck, through a combination of political stalemate and economic stagnation. Young people are growing up in the pessimistic climate this has produced. We believe that change is possible but we have to start with the little things we can do. Our team of international volunteers and local workers equip young people to face their futures with hope and confidence.