Young people’s stories

We love hearing young people exclaiming things like, “Wow, I never dreamed that I’d be able to do that!” and we love giving young people the opportunity to experience new activities, courses and gain new skills. We hope you enjoy reading their stories.


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 09.44.33Enriching others’ lives

Sanel has been attending Novi Most activities for 12 years and is one of our volunteer workers. He has always known Novi Most as a safe place where he can come. He says, “I’m really grateful for this opportunity I have to work with young people, to learn new skills and help out in this way!”



ivankaAlternative Creative Education

Ivanka is from a family with complex social problems. Centar is where she can escape the problematic aspects of her life; a place where we try to sow seeds of hope for her future, despite her learning and family difficulties.”



DSC_8380Respecting Others

Mirko, age 11, has been coming to Klub Novi Most for a year or so now.  He can be quite difficult to handle as he has serious behavioural problems. Understanding where he comes from has helped us realise that we need to try to show him what love is because he has rarely ever seen that in his home environment.



MariAmraMeeting new people

Marijana age 14 from Mostar says, “I love this youth centre and all the activities here.  I have met such amazing and different people, played new games, had new experiences and most of all met my new awesome friends!”