About us

NOVI MOST International is a Christian charitable organisation which works with young people in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Novi Most provides a safe place for young people; we build relationships, encourage creativity and freedom to do new things; we encourage bridge building across ethnic groups, we equip and enable young people to make choices, and challenge them to think for themselves. We encourage their voice to be heard, we are developing employment opportunities.

Who we are

We are a matrix of Bosnian & Herzegovinian staff, British volunteers and local youth.  Our doors are open to any young person aged 12-25 from any nationality.

As staff, we use our skills (creative, sport, linguistic and more!) to work alongside local youth, building connections with local communities and bridging divides. We believe in the future of Bosnia & Herzegovina and we believe that this next generation of young people are key to its success.

As well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in four towns in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we also offer a scholarship programme, training in leadership schemes and internships.

You can get involved too!

One of the best things about working with young people in my country is getting to see them persevere, try new things and being determined to keep going.

Where we go from hereher

In all we do we want to see the next generation of young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina equipped and empowered to enter their futures with hope – we strive to build their confidence, give them leadership skills and offer them opportunities that will help them succeed in life. 

YOU can invest in a young person today.