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1994. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a new nation at war. The human cost is huge. Whole communities are destroyed. Half the population forced from their homes. But despite those determined to bring destruction, others come to bring life and hope. Among these Christians in Mostar, risking their lives to bring aid to those in need. News of what is happening spreads international support for these local pioneers grows Novi Most is Born.

In those early years, Novi Most coordinated and delivered truckloads of aid into the country. In the years after the war ended, it ran summer camps for hundreds of young people and their families on the Croatian coast in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2001 Novi Most opens Klub in Mostar. The need for aid work has decreased, replaced by the need for long term. Commitment to youth work. It is time for Novi Most to adapt and grow. Open Year Round Club provides a place for young people to meet a place of transformation.

I love Novi Most because I love the people who are there, the conversations we have and the places we go together. I really appreciate the way the workers input into us and give us their time.

Today, Novi Most is established in four locations bringing hope to a new generation through clubs, music lessons, snow boarding camps and more. We continue to bring pioneering youthwork to a generation that has been left to pick up the social, economic and political damage done by the war.

Novi Most is equipping and empowering local leaders and young people to be those who will transform their communities. How did we get? Here, because we have a faithful God. Our journey has had its twists and turns, but he has been there in all of them.

Together we can overcome the generational hurts and cultural divides.  In a nation where education is segregated by ethnicity Novi Most brings together young people from all backgrounds to find hope and connection. We believe the hope of the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in their hands. We believe in Christ pray of unity for the people of this nation.

One of the best things about working with young people in my country is getting to see them persevere, try new things and being determined to keep going.

We are a matrix of Bosnian & Herzegovinian staff, British volunteers and local youth.  Our doors are open to any young person aged 12-25 from any nationality.

As staff, we use our skills (creative, sport, linguistic and more!) to work alongside local youth, building connections with local communities and bridging divides. We believe in the future of Bosnia & Herzegovina and we believe that this next generation of young people are key to its success.

As well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in four towns in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we also offer a scholarship programme, training in leadership schemes and internships.