Jajce is a small town in central Bosnia. It has historical significance in the region as it was the last capital city of the Bosnian Kingdom before it fell to the Ottoman invasion in the 1400s. The last King of Bosnia was executed and buried just outside the town. This history lets it carry the title “Kraljevski grad” or Kingdom City. In more modern history the town is remembered as the place where the agreement to form Yugoslavia was signed, at the 2nd session of the AVNOJ council in November 1943. The town is also known for its beautiful location, particularly the nearby lakes surrounded by mountains and the 20m high waterfall in the centre of the town. 

In recent years there has been a large exodus from the town as young people and families move to counties in Western Europe in search of better payed employment and a way of life less hindered by the complications of systematic segregation and corruption. While the town has some successful companies unemployment is still high and work that is available is often low paid. Jajce doesn’t have a university and so after high school any young person seeking further education is going to leave town. Many of them will end up making a life somewhere else. 

Novi Most began working in Jajce in 2010, partnering with the local Evangelical Church. Edina Hajder, pastor of the church, is from Jajce and is one of Budo’s sisters. (His other sister is an English teacher in a local school.) Edina has a long history of working in the community and connecting with young people through sports. Building on her connections the Novi Most team have developed the music teaching and social activities that form the basis of their work. In over a decade of work they have seen their reputation grow and have never needed to advertise for students for their courses. 

Location Team

Location Programmes

We provide one to one bass guitar lessons. Bass players are encouraged to find a band to give their playing a little bit more context.

Bass guitar lessons

We provide professional audio recording opportunities for young musicians in the community, and help them create online video for their music.

Recording Opportunities

We provide one to one keyboard lessons. These can lead to more focus on piano playing or on synthesiser playing and computer-based music production.

Keyboard lessons

We provide one to one electric guitar lessons. These encourage students to learn about the role pickups, pedals and amplifiers play in creating their guitar tone.

Electric guitar lessons

We help young musicians understand how to rehearse together, how to plan a concert, and how to perform on stage.

Band coaching

We provide one to one acoustic guitar lessons. Most of our students are also encouraged to sing and are given opportunities to perform songs in front of an audience.

Acoustic guitar lessons

We provide one to one drum lessons. Our students are encouraged to master technique and rudiments, as well as to learn how to lay down a groove for a band.

Drum lessons

In the summer months we teach young people tennis at the local tennis courts, sometimes just as a social activity but sometimes as something more serious.

Tennis Lessons

In the winter months we teach young people snowboarding at our local ski centre, as well as providing instruction at Novi Most Winter Camps.

Winter Sports

We provide regular social activities for young people in Jajce, where they can make new friends and gain new experiences.

Youth club

We provide one to one clarinet, flute, saxophone and trumpet lessons. These help prepare young people to play as part of the Jajce town wind band.

Wind instrument lessons

We provide one to one violin lessons. Our flexible approach allows young people to learn classical, rock and pop music.

Violin lessons