Anna Hedley


Senior Director of Applications Engineering

I love youth work and have volunteered co-leading several youth groups and summer camps over the past 20 years. I also spent 2 years working full time with Novi Most in Bosnia Hercegovina. In my professional life, I manage international teams and projects

I spent 2 years working with Novi Most in Mostar from 2003-2005, working in Klub Novi Most and helping with Children and Youth at Brankovac church. Since returning to the UK, I have continued to visit BiH regularly for holidays and to catch up with friends. In 2013 I joined the board of Trustees and became Vice-Chair in 2018 and then Chair in 2019

Peter Flory



RELEVANT EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS (this can be Christian-church, charity, education): Licensed Lay Minister of Anglican Church and Chair of Governors at local primary school

INVOLVEMENT IN NOVI MOST SINCE….AND TO WHAT CAPACITY: Since 2000 , I was involved with the UK office on technical matters, particularly the IT & Networking and helped setup the first Mostar Internet Café. I have been a trustee since 2011 and I have visited Bosnia Herzegovina 5 times, and seen the ministry at all Novi Most’s locations during this time

Simon Evans


CURRENT JOB: Finance Director in the Charity Sector

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: 21 years working in the charity sector and currently working as an Interim Finance Director for charities going through periods of change. I currently work for two charities in the UK helping young people and adults with learning difficulties and the other one helping homeless people

INVOLVEMENT IN NOVI MOST SINCE….AND TO WHAT CAPACITY: I have been a trustee and the treasurer for Novimost since 2000

Michael Elliot


CURRENT JOB: Finance Director at Middleton Enterprises

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: Involved in Christian youth work for 20 years in church and Novi Most.  Been a chartered accountant for over a decade bringing financial literacy,  strategic conversation and effective governance.  I have a passion for both spiritual and economic progress in Bosnia-Herzegovina

INVOLVEMENT IN NOVI MOST SINCE….AND TO WHAT CAPACITY: First came as a volunteer in 2004 for a great summer in Mostar, got the bug and have been a regular visitor since!  Joined the board in 2015

Paul Lewis


CURRENT JOB: Baptist Minister

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: I have a degree in Theology and I’ve been a Baptist Minister since September 2002. I’m passionate about enabling the church to be present and active in wider community and this has very much been reflected through the mission and ministry opportunities God has lead me into. Particular roles, alongside leading churches, have included being the Chair of Trustees for Bromsgrove Street Pastors, part of the team for Bromsgrove Youth & Community Hub, and a local school Governor.

INVOLVEMENT IN NOVI MOST SINCE….AND TO WHAT CAPACITY: I grew up in Chesham where Novi Most began, and was in the same church and house group as Paul Brooks, so I feel like I’ve always been part of the Novi Most family! My first trip to BiH was to help at Camp Rio for 5 weeks in 2000. In 2016 I spent 10 days with Novi Most in Capljina, Mostar, and a day in Sarajevo. In May 2018 I brought wife and three children out to BiH and they keep nagging me about when we can all go back! I joined the Board of Trustees in September 2021 – it’s a huge privilege to be involved with all that God is doing in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Pete Gray


CURRENT JOB: I’m the children’s youth and community worker at Emmanuel Church in Durham

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: I have been actively involved in children’s and youthwork for over 25 years and am passionate about children realising the full potential that God has put within them

INVOLVEMENT IN NOVI MOST SINCE….AND TO WHAT CAPACITY: My wife and I love to travel and this in part has lead to me leading short term mission teams for young people to Bosnia a number of times over the past few years. Creating opportunities for young people to explore their faith and put it into action while building relationship with their peers in Bosnia has been an incredible experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend.  I have only recently joined the Trustees of Novi Most but I am hopeful that this is the next step on a long and fruitful journey which continues to see Gods love and grace shown to the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina