Young people having fun camping in the woods

Off to the Forest With Royal Rangers

For the past couple of years, Novi Most has been partnering with the local church in Mostar to run Royal Rangers. We caught up with Indira to learn more about what that is and how it is helping.

We decided to start the Royal Rangers programme (a Christian scouts) in Mostar because we realised that this programme agrees with our vision as Novi Most.

We want to guide young people in their physical, psychological, social and spiritual growth so that they grow into mature and independent people. We use Royal Rangers to do this by organising hikes and trips; and by learning about nature and society, and how to get along with each other.

Although we started the programme during the pandemic, we have been blessed because not only have the children who first started coming stayed with us but others joined too. We like this programme because it has a mentoring character and gives young people the opportunity to serve and show their leadership skills.

Last year we had a camp where 6 young people were trained as scouts and young leaders and they could immediately serve at a summer camp at Boracko Jezero. This year, due to the short school holidays, we did not organise a winter camp, but we organised a weekend in the mountains with 16 young people. We see that our young people are learning to work with each other, to accept their differences (like ethnic and social differences), and learning to serve society.